• In 1883, the Christian retreat of Pacific Grove passed a list of rules and regulations prohibiting alcohol, billiards, gambling, dancing, profanity, and dirty outhouses. Residents were not allowed to pull window shades entirely down, and any home could be entered and searched at any time. The entire retreat area was enclosed by a locked fence.

  • In 1885, the city instituted a curfew prohibiting those under the age of 18 from being out after 8pm in the winter and 9pm in the summer. A curfew bell served as a reminder each evening.

  • Pacific Grove was the last dry county in California, prohibiting the sale of alcohol until 1969. Even today, the city maintains rigid laws regarding alcohol service.

  • Pacific Grove is nicknamed “Butterfly Town, U.S.A.” for the monarch butterfly’s unique migration patterns into the city for the winter each October. Residents are famously protective of these butterflies and voted to add a tax to create the Monarch Grove Sanctuary.

  • In 1939 the city passed an ordinance prohibiting the “molestation of butterflies.”

  • Three presidents have visited Pacific Grove: Harrison in 1891, McKinley in 1901, and Roosevelt in 1903.

  • Pacific Grove was the site of filming for the movies Turner & Hooch and A Summer Place.