Monterey is a waterfront city located on the southern side of Monterey Bay in scenic central coast California. It is a city rich in historical prominence, having served as the capital of both Spanish and Mexican California, the site where California was later claimed as part of the United States, and the birthplace of the first California Constitution. In fact, more downtown historic buildings are located in Monterey than in any other city west of Santa Fe.

As captured by writer John Steinbeck, the city exemplifies natural rugged beauty. From the rocky coastline to the unspoiled national forest, there are outdoor activities for every sports enthusiast. When not enjoying nature-loving pursuits, Monterey’s abundant marine life, environmentalism, and the energy of famed Cannery Row keep things interesting. With a pleasant Mediterranean climate and all that it has to offer, it’s no wonder that Monterey has been called “the greatest meeting of land, sea, and sky.”

Monterey Fun Facts

The famed Cannery Row from John Steinbeck's novel was named Ocean Avenue before being ...

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Monterey Things to Do

Monterey is home to Cannery Row, Fisherman's Wharf, theaters, shops, restaurants, and ...

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Monterey  History

Monterey was the capital of the State of California under Spain. After California became t...

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