Welcome to one of the most beautiful coastal villages in the world. Carmel is a great place to visit, but an even better place to live. Our family first built a home here in 1923, and we are still here!

Carmel has a lot of wonderful quirks and qualities, all of which are important to know as you start your search and get to know our town. This page will take you to blog posts, listings, and other information we have written, but we have the most fun meeting people in person, showing them the town, and touring our eclectic inventory of homes and cottages. So, feel free  to call us at 831-601-4740, the first cup of coffee is on us!

Most Recently Listed Carmel Homes


7925 Cinquenta

CARMEL, California

MLS® ID: ML81591544

4 beds - 3+ Baths

3292-3306 Martin RD

CARMEL, California

MLS® ID: ML81675486


35 Pronghorn RUN

CARMEL, California

MLS® ID: ML81591868


2 Holding Field RUN

CARMEL, California

MLS® ID: ML81581717

The Layout of Carmel-by-the Sea

Carmel-by-the-Sea was incorporated as a residential village in 1916. It is one square mile, has its own city government and police department. Most of the residential lots in Carmel are 4,000 square feet and a typical home on a residential lot is 1,600 square feet and a 200 square foot garage. There are larger homes that sit on lot and a half or even double lots. 

We have no street lights (and no traffic signals.) And, you might be surprised to learn we don't have typical street addresses either. This makes finding a house a little bit of a challenge, and the US Postal Service finds it so confusing that they don't deliver mail to our homes. We do have a village post office where you always run into friends, because everyone comes through to pick up and send their mail. 

How Carmel Addresses Work

Carmel does not have US Postal Service approved addresses. We have our own way of telling ...

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Carmel-by-the-Sea and Carmel

Locals often use "Carmel" and "Carmel-by-the-Sea" interchangeably but when it comes to real estate it is important to know that there is is a difference. Carmel-by-the-Sea is the incorporated city, outlined in red in the google map below, while the surrounding area in Monterey County is "Carmel." As far as quality of life goes, there are only minor differences and it can be debated if it is easier/better to live in one versus the other. The key differences are that Carmel-by-the-Sea has its own city hall including a planning and building department and police. In the county building and planning fall under the county planning department and police services are provided by the Monterey County Sheriff. 

Things to Do in Carmel

For a small town, we have a lot going on. Not just in Carmel but the surrounding communities as well. If you are in town, or headed this way, and want some advice on what to see or do when you are here, drop us an email at [email protected]  

Activities and Entertainment in Carmel

Carmel hosts world-class events including car shows, classical music events, food festival...

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Communities in and Around Carmel

Carmel is a wonderful place, surrounded by other vibrant communities. When the fog rolls in, you can head to Carmel Valley for a sun washed lunch or wine tasting. If you want to shop at Whole Foods, its just over the hill in Monterey. We have several great locally owned hardware stores, and a Home Depot about 10 minutes away in Sand City. The restaurants here are world class, and the golf courses are destinations for thousands of golfers ticking off bucket list rounds. A quiet walk along the beach at sunset or if you are up for it an even quieter walk with only a few other folks early in the morning, when you are likely to see dolphins playing in the waves. The list goes on. 

It is important as a potential new resident that you have an understanding of what each of these communities offers and what city, neighborhood, and even street best aligns with your desires. 

Give us a call, let's have coffee and start the conversation. 831-601-4740  malone@malonehodges.com