If you're currently house hunting, you know how important it is to consistently check what's new on the market.  Desirable properties move fast, so being informed is key!  Touring Open Houses over a weekend can be a great way to become familiar with a neighborhood, and identify your own wants and needs.

This particular Open House tour would be a great way to learn more about Southwest Carmel, also known as "The Golden Rectangle".  It is often seen as the most desirable area of Carmel — relatively flat and close to the beach, while also not far from restaurants, cafes, and shops.  

11 – 4
0 Carmelo 4SW 11th Ave
12 – 4
0 7th Avenue 2SW Casanova
1 – 3$1,995,000
0 Dolores 5 NE of Santa Lucia
1 – 3$2,515,000
26186 Dolores Street
1 – 4$3,000,000
0 Camino Real 3 NW of 8th
2 – 4$2,895,000
0 Lincoln 3 SW of 11th Street