Many of our clients and most of our friends share a love of dogs. And, everyone who comes to Carmel can't help but notice that dogs are an integral part of life here in the village, in the parks, and most especially on the beach. As one of only a few "off leash" beaches, Carmel is a destination for dog lovers visiting California. 

I have a friend whose dog was so attuned to the beach that simply saying the word, even buried a long spoken paragraph, would make the dog sit up, pull down his leash from the hook and head to the front door. Everyone learned to spell "b-e-a-c-h" but that was even a little iffy if you were looking guiltily at the dog while spelling. 

Click below for a list of places to go, shops to visit, restaurants to dine in, places to stay that all welcome man and woman's best friend.

Where To Take Your Dog and What to Do in Carmel

Carmel is a wonderful city to live in and visit for people and their pets. 

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